Covid 19- School Closure Pack

Dear Parent/Carer

We have put together a pack of information to support Learning and Wellbeing during our school closure. These will be posted out on Saturday 21st March 2020 in hard copy for everyone. 

Pack Item 10.pdf - The National Statement from John Swinney dated 19th March 2020

Pack Item 11.pdf - Some VERY IMPORTANT selections of guidance and helpful websites about health and well-being issues, from the NHS and partners

Pack Item 9.pdf - An A3, coloured diagram showing how we will run all the different parts of the school and a key contacts list with Guidance Teacher email addresses so you can keep in touch

Pack Item 8.docx - Advice to parents about supporting your child, especially on being confined to home

Pack Item 7.pdf - The SQA Statement dated 19th March 2020

Pack Item 6.docx - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update (19th March 2020)

Pack Item 4.pdf - Some guidance for the use of Google Classroom

Pack Item 5.docx - Letter to senior pupils about exams (*please make sure they have read this) (19th March 2020)

Pack Item 3.pdf - Google Classroom codes for every class


Pack Item 1.docx - Updates on how we continue to develop our services for all young people and their families (19th March 2020)


Should you require any further information or support please contact your child's Guidance teacher.