Homework Policy

Last updated: Thursday 17th Sep 2015

We want to encourage pupils to develop positive homework habits which will allow them to attain to the best of their ability.

We give homework to:

• add support to learning in school
• consolidate classwork
• involve parents in pupils’ current study as well as providing information and opportunities for parental cooperation and support.
• encourage ownership and responsibility for learning as well as developing good habits and self-discipline.
• contribute to increasing pupil attainment and achievement.

We understand that some pupil’s circumstances may make it more difficult for them to complete their homework tasks and we will work with these pupils and their parents to support them and find additional ways of helping them in this important area of their school work.


Homework Everyday

There is an expectation across the school that pupils will be responsible for their own learning and they should be working more independently; reading over class jotters, textbooks, reviewing planners with targets, researching on the internet, sketching, watching programmes and reading that help to contextualise learning.


Homework Frequency

Each curricular area to have their statement inserted here – this should be shared with pupils and parents


Homework Context and Advice on Time Spent and Time to Complete

The majority of homework will be linked to the particular unit or project being taught. However, regular independent revision and preparation for assessment is very important and is encouraged.

Our advice on the time pupils are expected to spend per week are as follows:

• In years 1-3 in the broad general education pupils should be spending about 3-4 hours in S1, building up to 5-6 hours in S3.

• For NATIONAL courses 2, 3 and 4 pupils are advised to maintain their level of homework as in S3.

• NATIONAL 5 courses - 2 hours per subject.
• HIGHER courses - 3 hours per subject
• Advanced HIGHER – 4 hours or more per subject.

Teachers will give adequate time for pupils to complete homework ranging from 2 or 3 days to a week or longer. In some circumstance a little homework for the following day may be given. Teachers will also indicate how long a piece of set homework should take.


Marking Homework

Homework often takes various forms therefore the marking of such homework may involve various forms of assessment. i.e. self-assessment, peer assessment, comment only marking or a graded piece of work.


Recording Homework

From the end of August 2015 all homework set by teachers will be recorded on a website -www.showmyhomeowrk.co.uk where pupils will be able to access the details and in many cases also the resources required. Pupils should also note in their planners when they have homework for a subject.

Progress will be communicated to parents formally through parents meetings and tracking reports. The faculty head will monitor homework progress on a monthly basis as part of the departmental monitoring and tracking process.


Failure to submit Homework

For set homework each member of staff records whether homework was submitted on time. Homework which has not been submitted will be re-issued and additional support measures may be considered.
An early intervention letter will be issued to parents by the class teacher for pupils who still fail to submit their homework. If the situation continues then a further intervention letter is issued to parents by the head of faculty who may also set up a meeting to discuss the way forward.


Parents and Homework

The school recognises the key role that parents have in the successful completion of homework and asks for their continued support to ensure that it is completed to the best of the child’s ability. Practical help can be provided by:

• Ensuring that homework planners are looked at and signed on a weekly basis
• Access the internet regularly to see the full details of homework tasks at www.showmyhomework.co.uk

• Establishing a homework routine in the house
• Discussing homework with the pupil regularly
• Providing a quiet space for completion of homework tasks

In session 2015-16 the school is implementing an online homework application that will let parents who have access to the internet see the full details of homework tasks for their children. Further guidelines will be issued for all parents and pupils early in the session.


Tracking Homework

Pupils are tracked on their progress on a monthly basis and tracking reports are issued 3 times per session, below is an explanation of the standards.
1. Excellent - Always completes Homework to the best of ability. Homework is always handed in on time. Instructions for Homework always well followed. Additional work beyond what was required is done.

2. Good - Completes Homework to the best of ability. Homework is handed in on time. Instructions are followed well.

3. Inconsistent - Homework sometimes not handed in to the best of ability. Homework sometimes handed in on time. Instructions sometimes not well followed.

4. Needs Improvement – Rarely or never hands in homework.


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