Social Media Guidance for Parents

Last updated: Thursday 17th Sep 2015

The sharing of inappropriate images on Social Media is a practice that some young people are becoming involved in. This is done on a number of different forums including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to name a few. It normally takes place between young people in a relationship but there have been incidents where images have been shared with others.

There are many dangers associated with this behaviour including it leading to bullying or harassment, lack of control of the images, images becoming public, the effect this might have on the person’s digital footprint and the Legal implications of taking, sharing, receiving or posting inappropriate images of anyone under the age of 18.

The young people at our school receive advice regarding this topic and there are dedicated sessions during the PSED programme offering advice and guidance from CEOP, the Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre, who produce very good educational packages. These inputs are presented by the Guidance teachers.

We would like to direct you to the CEOP website where you will find a section for parents or carers to visit for advice and guidance on how best to keep their child safe online. You can find this by visiting and following the link to the parent/carer section.

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