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24th April in School

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24th April 2022

Dear Parent / carer (please share with your child),

I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday and that the first week back has gone well for
everyone. It’s always hard getting back into a routine after a couple of weeks off. Of course not
everyone took a full two weeks off. I’d like to thank once again, all the staff (teachers, office,
technical and janitorial staff) for ensuring that the Easter Support lessons (both in person and
online) continued and that the school was open to support our out of school events and
remedial works. We had many contractors in ensuring all is well with our buildings and my
thanks for their efforts too. We might look like we are on holiday to many but our schools are
open for 50 of the 52 weeks of the year – we take Christmas as a proper holiday, thankfully.

Well done to all the senior pupils who managed to get themselves up in the mornings for all
the extra classes; or to ensure they were working away using the extensive packs of materials
provided for them just before we broke up. Not everyone can manage to attend Easter classes,
so if you missed them, please try and attend the live or online after school sessions. If anyone
has any difficulty staying late or going online, please contact your guidance teacher. They must
always be your first point of contact to ensure a speedy support service.

Covid update

Since our return to school on Tuesday 19th April the wearing of face coverings is no longer
mandatory. However, the guidance is that the wearing of face coverings is to be encouraged
in indoor communal areas and corridors. Any individual who wishes to wear a face covering in
school will be supported to do so and face masks will still be available in school if required.

We have continued our use of hand sanitiser when entering and leaving classrooms and school
buildings; and we still have windows and doors open to ensure good ventilation.

Exam arrangements

Mrs Morrison led an assembly this week and pupils were given their personalised exam
timetables. Any pupil who doesn’t have one should collect it from Mrs Morrison.

Subject lessons containing essential information to pass exams continue right up until the day
before an exam. Pupils must attend all lessons until the day before an exam when they will be
allowed to revise at home, if they wish: though subject classes run until the day of the exam itself.
Following the completion of a subject, or during core subjects like PE, pupils are able to
use their time in school to seek support and revise subjects yet to be sat. Subject specialist
staff are on hand to facilitate this. Pupils must communicate with their teachers which subject
areas they need additional support with so staff know where they are at all times.

The practicalities of what a typical exam day entails, how to prepare and what pupils should do
if they have special arrangements were covered in the assemblies; as were the rules all pupils
must follow as they sit an exam. This is important as many pupils will not have sat an exam

The assembly was videoed and is on the school YouTube channel for those who missed it or
wish to revisit the content.


We would also encourage pupils to sign up to MySQA to receive their SQA exam results by
text or email on Results Day - Tuesday 9 August. (They still receive their SQA certificate by
post). To register you need your Scottish Candidate Number and an email address:


Remember, if they change their mobile number or email address after signing up for MySQA,
they will need to update their details.

All the details and some excellent advice as to what to expect during the exams for 2022 can
be found here: https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/100863.html

BGE Reports and S1 Parents Evening

S1 pupils were issued with their full tracking report for this session on Friday. Please read the
covering letter carefully and return the Parents Evening form by next Friday 29th April. The
virtual S1 Parents Evening will take place on Tuesday 10th May.

S2 and S3 pupils were also issued with Interim Reports on Friday. This contains an update on
CFE levels and ratings for Effort, Behaviour and Homework.

Senior Summer Ball

We have organised a Summer Ball for S4 to S6 pupils on Thursday 9th June in the Corran
Halls. More details to follow!

We will also be looking at organising a junior dance at some point in June for S1 to S3 pupils.

School Excursions

Following Scottish Government guidance we are not booking up school trips. We have begun
to plan trips to Paris for S2/3; the Battlefields Experience (Belgium and France) for S4; Rome
for S6; a skiing trip (not set year group); New York (for the Pipe band) and Laurinburg Exchange
(Oban High only). A Tiree Primary P7 trip is also now set up.

S1/S2 School Tour Survey

Now that covid legislation and restrictions allow us more flexibility to plan events in the school
building we would like to seek your thoughts and invite you to a tour of the school, with an
opportunity to meet some key staff.

We hope for this to take place in June and will most likely take place on a Tuesday, Wednesday
or Thursday. Details will be confirmed when we understand the scope of interest and potential

The link to the survey is:


The closing date is Friday 29th April.

Support available

Finally, as always, I hope that you take up my offer of support. If you require any assistance at
all, please contact your child’s Guidance teacher. They will provide you with whatever support
you require or facilitate support though another teacher or member of the support staff where
necessary. You may seek assistance for absolutely anything at all and we will try and help you
and your family.

Have a lovely and hopefully sunny week ahead.

Yours faithfully

P A Bain
Executive Head Teacher
Oban High School, Tiree High School & Tiree Primary School
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