Food Technology

The Health Food Technology Department– what it is all about….

Health & Food Technology is a subject which belongs to two areas of the Curriculum for Excellence; Food Product Design and Contemporary Food Issues are from the Technology area of the curriculum while Diet And Health are at the centre of Health & Wellbeing.

The principal aim of the Food Technology Department is to develop and promote skills of independence and confidence in the areas of food preparation, life choices and product design. Pupils’ experience in Food Technology will also develop an awareness of the differing needs of individuals in the wider sense: assisting in their preparation for living independently and for taking responsibility for others.


The department has two very well equipped Food Technology kitchens, each with a classroom area.


Principal Teacher Mrs Morag MacKinnon
Full Time Teacher Miss Helen Murray
Classroom Technician Ms Jane Milliken

S1 - S3 Curriculum

S1-3 Food Technology

In Oban High School the time allocation is 1x50 minute period per week in First Year. Third Year pupils receive 2x50 minutes per week.

Providing this secure base in life skills from S1 – S3 is crucial for those pupils who will not take this subject beyond third year. For those pupils who wish to continue in the subject the S1-3 course has proved itself to be an excellent basis for further studies in one of two areas:

• Health & Food Technology National 4&5

• Hospitality Practical Cookery National 4

S4 - S6 Curriculum

S4 Food Technology

In S4 pupils can follow one of two routes, these being: Health & Food Technology or Hospitality Practical Cookery
You may opt to study one these, depending on the aspects of the Broad General course you particularly enjoyed!

Health & Food Technology
National 3, 4 & 5
“National Health & Food Technology is a practically based course suitable for both boys and girls of all levels and ability.

It forms the perfect basis for career opportunities in the fields of food product development, dietetics, hospitality, health care, human resources, management, consumer and media advice and associated disciplines.”

Hospitality - Practical Cookery
National 4

“Hospitality develops skills of self-reliance and can also prepare pupils for a career in the hospitality, food product development and food industries. It promotes a wide range of practical and organizational skills while providing training to a professional standard in Food Hygiene, as required by the Food Safety Act.”

National 5

“This varied and highly practical course provides pupils with a more advanced professional training in food preparation by incorporating three units of: Practical Cookery, Healthy eating and Foods of the World.”



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