Personal and Social Education

Personal and social development is a fundamental aspect of the education of the whole child. It is essentially concerned with the development of life skills. All aspects of a child's experience at home, in school and outwith school contribute to personal and social development.

The aims of personal and social development are to help pupils to:

have an appropriately positive regard for self, and for others and their needs;
develop life skills to enable them to participate effectively and safely in society;
identify, review and evaluate the values they and society hold and recognise that these affect
thoughts and actions;
take increasing responsibility for their own lives.

The achievement of these aims requires pupils to increase their knowledge and understanding about themselves, others, their immediate environment and the world in which they live. They will need to learn and practise processes and skills which will enable them to:

look after their personal needs;
work independently;
participate effectively in groups;
make their own decisions;
assess their own abilities and capabilities.

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