Pupil Pathways

Hannah Benson Image

Hannah Benson

Future Plans   University - Law   S1   ...

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Stewart Inglis Image

Stewart Inglis

Future Plans Digital & Creative Industries  Games Designer  ...

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Samantha Parkinson Image

Samantha Parkinson

Future Plans Sustainable Tourism Sports and Fitness    S...

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Caelan Sloan Image

Caelan Sloan

Future Plans  Business Management - Glasgow   S1  ...

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Anna Bain Image

Anna Bain

Future Plans  History Teacher   S1  En...

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Dougie MacDonald Image

Dougie MacDonald

Future Plans   Agricultural Studies   S1  ...

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Ash Petit Image

Ash Petit

Future Plans · Would like to go on to University to study Sport ...

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Bridget Cox Image

Bridget Cox

Future Plans I realised from relatively early on in secondary school that I wanted to st...

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Isla Head Image

Isla Head

Future Plans Weapons system operator linguist with the RAF. BGE: English, Maths, ...

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Jessica Howe Image

Jessica Howe

My Future I studied geography up to Higher level in my senior years, and decided to stud...

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Kaitlynne MacLeod Image

Kaitlynne MacLeod

Future Plans I have always wanted to be an engineer and even more so when I started to s...

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Bethany Dunlop Image

Bethany Dunlop

Future Plans I want to study Acting or Musical Theatre at university   ...

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Carys Rimmer Image

Carys Rimmer

Future Plans I would like to be a Musical Theatre actor in the West End  ...

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Scott Black Image

Scott Black

Future Plans Currently in my 3rd year at the University of Edinburgh studying Physical E...

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Ruari Jespersen Image

Ruari Jespersen

Senior Phase Subjects studies – Higher Business Management, English, Maths ...

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Sinclair Hennessy Image

Sinclair Hennessy

Future Plans After I leave school I want to start training to become a pilot and current...

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Zeph Petit Image

Zeph Petit

Future Plans Aim to study business and economics at Stirling University  ...

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Edinburgh Zoo Workshop

Edinburgh Zoo Workshop

8th December 2016