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12th November in School

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12th November 2021

Dear Parent / Carer (please share with your child)

I hope this letter finds you all safe and well. For those who are absent and feeling poorly, I hope
you make a speedy recovery.

I know this letter is long, but it will be followed by a video for those who prefer to watch and
listen rather than read long letters; and it is of course clearly sub-divided so you can skip to the
bits you find most relevant – though obviously I think you should read it all.

Covid update

Following guidance from the NHS Health Protect Team and Argyll and Bute Council the school
is at times required to send out a ‘Warn and Inform’ communications to parents. This follows
the school being notified of a case of COVID-19 in a pupil or staff member. This letter is to
inform you of the current situation and provide advice on how to support your child. In keeping
with Scottish Government’s updated guidance for managing cases of COVID-19 in schools,
there is no requirement for your child to self-isolate, as long as they are well and they have not
been contacted separately by Test and Protect and asked to do so. The school remains open
and your child should continue to attend if they are well. The Warn and Inform letter contains
useful and up-to-date information and links to support parents.

Thank you

I would like to thank everyone for continuing to adhere to all our Covid measures that keep us
all safe as far as is reasonably possible. I have often noted in previous letters, over the last 18
months, that schools are safe places to work and learn in. The numerous measures in place,
which are diligently applied, work well at mitigating risk as far as practically possible.
As well as thanking everyone for adhering to the measures to keep us all safe, I would like to
thank all our staff, teaching and non-teaching alike, for their tremendous efforts in keeping our
school open, safe and in moving the learning of our youngsters forward. Positive Covid cases,
and the numerically far more impactful effect of mass precautionary PCR/self-isolation, is
currently causing huge disruption to hundreds of schools (and businesses) across the country
and our school is no exception. Our staff do a fantastic job coping with such disruption and
working together for the benefit of our communities. Well done!

As much as I have noted the positive impact of our measures, we should never be complacent.

We continue to follow all the Scottish Government guidance for schools, and I would ask we
all keep following the NHS guidance when out and about.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on reducing the risks in schools - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland | NHS inform

Scottish Careers Week

Next week is Scottish Careers Week – Shape the Future. We will be discussing our skills and
attributes framework, asking pupils in all lessons to be aspirational and future-focused,
discussing how they transfer skills and knowledge from across the curriculum into employability
skills. There are some amazing resources, live and recorded events, that you may find useful
to support discussions about careers at home.



Senior Assessments

We will publish a full Senior Assessment Calendar in December. This will cover all key
assessment dates for each subject including prelims. The majority of prelims will be sat in class
time during our double periods, at a time that is appropriate to the learning in that subject. This
means that vital teaching and learning time will be maximised by each subject and time will not
be lost trying to fit every subject’s assessments into a short prelim diet time frame. However,
we will also be scheduling some of the prelim assessments to take place in an exam hall in
order to give pupils this experience prior to any SQA exam diet.

Support for Senior Pupils and their Assessments

On Thursday evening Kevin Champion held a very successful, one-hour
online workshop focussing on learning, memory and revision. Families who attended found it
a stimulating and worthwhile experience with 'lots of information to help our kids and us
parents! That was so helpful.' The session will be repeated on two further occasions over the
next few months and these will be advertised on the parent app in plenty of time.

Pupil Leadership

Our Senior Pupil Leadership Team have been very busy in recent weeks. As well as running
assemblies and events for Halloween, they have also taken part in our Remembrance Service
and led an assembly on dyslexia awareness. Our pupil leadership programme is also the
subject of a great deal of interest from other schools both at home and abroad. We have two
Norwegian schools who have arranged to visit us next year in order to explore pupil leadership
and our remote learning/VC success.

Oban, Lorn & the Isles Area Community Planning Group

Kevin Champion also chaired a meeting of the Community Planning Partnership Committee
this week which is an excellent opportunity for many organisations and services, both statutory
and third sector to plan and work together. The aim is to focus improving a diverse and
thriving economy that supports sustainable growth through education, skills and training. This
will ensure that children and young people have the best possible start, people live active,
healthier and more independent lives and live in safer and stronger communities. It was
encouraging to be reminded as to how Oban High School is a keystone to driving so many of
these outcomes.

Christmas Dances

Our Senior Jingles will take place on Friday 10th December from 7.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.
unfortunately, due to continued restrictions this can only be for S5 and S6 pupils. We are
currently discussing the best arrangements to make for the pupils to ensure our senior pupils
have an enjoyable dance. More details will follow.

We have carried out a thorough consultation with pupils in S1 to S4 about holding a Christmas
dance for each individual year group and it is clear that there is a demand for a dance amongst
S1 and S2 pupils but not in S3 and S4. Therefore, we will arrange a separate S1 and S2 Jingles
for Thursday 16 December at Oban High School. Again more details about this event will follow.


We try to keep you as informed and interested in our school community as much as possible.
You can find all our polices and letters on the school website:


you can contact us easily via the “contact us” page of the website:


you can download the “School App for Parents” to receive notifications of news, information
issued and to note forthcoming dates:


for those who prefer to watch and listen to the updates, or watch the pupil videos on what we’ve
been doing in school, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel:


or perhaps you’d like to listen to the updates or take an interest in pupil views on national and
world events by listening to our Podcasts whilst on the move:


or, perhaps you just wish to trawl through the wee tweets we issue:


We also post news/photos or one minute videos on Instagram which the kids use a lot; and
where we wish to promote community partnerships we occasionally use Facebook.

We spend a lot of time and effort on this level of communication. Please “like” and “Subscribe”
with the ones you like the most. That way, you will always get reminders, and we’ll know which
ones are most popular. Instagram is way ahead at the moment.


Finally, should you have any questions, ideas or even concerns please contact your child’s
Guidance Teacher or use the “Contact Us” page on the website. Our clan pastoral teams are
here to support you and the Guidance staff, Family Liaison Officers, Youth Worker, IT support
staff, careers staff and the Clan Deputes will all ensure we work together to help you and your

Yours faithfully,

P A Bain
Executive Head Teacher
Oban High School, Tiree High School & Tiree Primary School

Update 12th November

Remembrance Service 2021

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