Each young person is assigned a Clan when they join us, similar to a house group in other parts of the country.  Each Clan has a Guidance Teacher, a Family Liaison officer and a Deputy Head Teacher and together these key staff support each young person during their time in Oban High School. Usually, siblings will be in the same clan so that families receive consistent support throughout their time at OHS.

Parents and carers can make contact with Guidance Teachers. Click on the guidance teachers name to send an email to them.  Please remember to write who your young person is and what year group they are in.

If you are not sure who your guidance teacher is click here to send a message to general enquiries and it will be forwarded to the correct member of staff.


Clan Captains, Alex and Katy

Alex Craik 

Guidance Teacher 

Angela Hill

Family Liason Officer


Clan Captains, Eliza and Charis

Claire Brady 

Guidance Teacher 

Louise Mackechnie

Family Liason Officer


Clan Captains,  Sophie and Megan

Lee Dott

Guidance Teacher

Debbie Gilles

Family Liason Officer


Clan Captains,  Andrew and Ben 

Amandine Ruffet-Zaragoza

Guidance Teacher 

Morven Hunter

Family Liason Officer