Parent Council

The parent council are a team of parents who volunteer their time to represent parental perspectives and help our school to constantly improve.

The representatives are selected at an open annual meeting and then act as a committee for the rest of the year, meeting 3-4 times as the full committee with sub-groups such as fundraising and events teams meeting more frequently.

Below are recent Minutes.

Parent Council Aims

The Parent Council aims to…

  • Work in partnership with the school to decide on key priorities

  • Provide a voice for parents in the school and local authority on issues that are important to them

  • Improve the school’s understanding how to engage parents in their children’s learning and in the life of the school

  • Support the school in developing a strong home/school partnership

  • Communicate with the parent forum that is to represent all parents to hear their views and keep them informed

  • Support improvement by discussing the school’s strengths and areas for development from the parental perspective

  • Help make links with the wider community

  • Capture the unique and varied skills, interests, knowledge and experience that parents can offer

To contact the Parent Council please email to

At the annual meeting new members have to dedicate themselves to the committee for at least a year.

We urgently need parents joining the committee who are prepared to do jobs and not just attend the few meetings we have over the year when the committee discusses and debate issues. Considering the size of our school, the committee is small and thereby limited by what it can achieve.

Current office bearers are

Chair - Lucy Files

Secretary - Federica Warnock

Treasurer- Matt Smyth

Members of the Parent Council are privileged to be given information which may be sensitive and in draft format, for consultation and comment. Members are trusted to keep this information confidential and are asked to think of the good for the entire school and wider community as well as representing their own children.