OHS STEM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

We are on every Thursday at Lunchtimes with Miss Lyon and Miss Stevenson in Room 1.25 and everyone is welcome!

We have been running for 3 years and are an approved centre for the Young STEM Leaders Award where students can earn badges in S1 - S3 and SCQF credits in Senior Phase, S4 - S6.

We have lots of different projects running and have something fun for everyone from coding to soldering to maths challenges.

The club has had a very busy and successful year in 2021/22 – winning £2000 for the Rees Jefferies Road Fund as runners up and vouchers for the Lantra Scotland project. Recently they received the announcement of another competition they had entered, “If you were and engineer, what would you do?” and we have two overall winners - Erika and Olivia!

Lunchtime Fun!

Lantra Winners

Erika and Olivia

Lantra Project - What does aquaculture mean to Scotland?

Lantra Finalists

Jamie, Andrew, Diana and Olivia

If you were an Engineer - what would you do?

This is an annual competition where students invent something, that solves a problem in our daily lives and write a letter to persuade universities to build their invention. Erika for her “Eco-Pipe system” and Olivia for her “Smart Viewer” were selected as overall winners for the North Scotland region and will see their designs developed and produced by the Universities associated with the programme. Pictured here collecting their winner's trophies at the University of Dundee