S1-S3 Tracking Updates 

Following feedback from parents, staff and pupils we have simplified our tracking reports for S1 to S3.  

A tracking report should be quick to read and understand and should just give you a quick 'heads up' on how things are going.   You will get full written reports, a second tracking report and a parents' evening later in the year.

They don't have levels, details or comments, just a simple rating so you know how your young person is engaging with their lessons - are they trying their best? Are they doing everything that is expected of them? Is progress in each subject inline with what they are capable of? 

This information may then lead to really good conversations at home about effort, engagement and progress in each class.  It may also lead to you wanting to contact the school to discuss any concerns.

On Track means that a young person is working well towards their potential. 

Off Track means that we know a young person has more to give or is capable of even more.  

At Risk means we are really worried about engagement and progress is not matching what we know they are capable of. 

Please let us know that you received your young person's report by clicking to provide feedback.  We will forward all comments to guidance teachers who will be able support you moving forward. Reports were given to pupils during Clan Time on Thursday 7th September.